• Hjelper deg å finne slekt i hele Norge
• Gir deg nyttige tips om kilder på internett
• Arrangerer kurs i slektsforskning
• Formidler kontakt mellom slekt i Norge og USA.

About us

The Norwegian Emigration Center was established in 1986 to assist descendants of emigrated Norwegians in search of their roots - exactly 150 years after the two brigs "Norden" and "Den Norske Klippe" had left Stavanger with 167 people onboard, bound for America. Today we are also focusing on immigration to Norway.

Helping people in their efforts to discover the true identity of their ancestors, or to locate living relatives, is still important to us, but in recent years, much of our time and efforts has been spent on projects helping us understand the connection between yesterday's emigration and today's immigration to Norway. This was the core of our European Capital of Culture project in 2008, "Youth and Migration" - YAM2008

The year 2008 was also the year when "Migrasjon Rogaland" was established. This collaborating project, aiming to collect all emigration material available from Rogaland county, also contributed to the building of a replica of the famous Norwegian emigrant sloop, "Restauration," that left the city of Stavanger in 1825 with 52 emigrant pioneers headed for the New World.

For more information about Norwegian emigration history, see our exibithion     People on the Move


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